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Who is your agent?

My agents are the wonderful Polly Nolan (UK) and Sarah Davies (US) of the Greenhouse Literary Agency. www.greenhouseliterary.com


what is the dead house about?

It's about the truth (?) behind events leading up to a tragedy, told via the diary of a girl who doesn't exist. 


can you read my book? How about some feedback?

Sorry, no! Most authors can no longer do this. But I do recommend getting some good critical feedback. If you can find a critique group, that may work for you. 


can you show my work to your agent?

Unless I truly believe a manuscript is the bees knees, and that my agent will love it beyond measure, I don't give referrals. My agents are just too busy, and reading is very subjective. I'm sorry!


I'm a blogger/reviewer! Can I get an arc of your book?

Bloggers are welcome to submit ARC and review copy requests for The Dead House to publicity.enquiries@orionbooks.co.uk (UK edition) and publicity@lbchildrens.com.


when will the dead house be released?

In August for those of you in the UK, and in September for those of you in the US! Elsewhere—we're working on it! :) 


how long does it take you to write a book?

It really depends. Two of my books I wrote in a month (bad first drafts). The longest has taken a few years.


how long did it take you to write the dead house?

Eight months.


what is your accent? I can't place it!

That's okay, most people can't! I'm a bit of a hodge-bodge because I grew up all over and moved so much. It's mostly British, with splashes of everywhere else.



Dawn. Ohhhhhh, you mean my surname? Exactly like it's spelled, and with a hard "g" like "golf". Kur-tah-g-ich.


is the dead house the first of two?

Nope! The Dead House is a stand-alone novel. 


How many books did you write before The Dead House?

I wrote about five, although one of those books has been written more than ten times from scratch. (I know...)


what are you working on now?

I'm busy working on the second book in my contract, another stand-alone YA and an adult novel.


what is your favourite book?

Tough question! I've started putting together a Pinterest board of exactly that: Books I've loved. You can find it here.


i heard you make videos!

Yes! Here.


you didn't answer my question! 

Oops! How about you tweet it to me? I try to respond to all tweets (as of December 2014)