Dawn Kurtagich

fascinating facts

Fact 1

Dawn is a YouTuber! Her channel is called WritaholicDK. You should check it out and subscribe. She loves receiving messages and comments on her videos and it's a good place to find her skulking about.

Fact 2

Dawn is a liver transplant survivor. When she was 25, she received the gift of life, and now she has another chance! She uses her new life to celebrate everything beautiful, write horrifying books and make as much music as she can. She would also like to pass on the joy and zest for life she is grateful to have.

Fact 3

Things she finds fascinating: mirrors, corridors, oddly shaped doors, balconies, forests, the weather, siblings, stickers, post-its, outsider art, art of the insane, Henry Darger, cellos, gum-wrapper chains (she makes them), dolls, heavy ornamentation, extremisms, body modification, life, death. Everything in between. Even you!