Dawn Kurtagich

For Writers

Writing your first novel, and everything that goes with the journey to publication can be tough! I've put together some helpful little tidbits that I hope you'll enjoy.

Master horror writer Dawn Kurtagich shares how to get into the mood of writing something scarily sinister-just in time for Halloween. Start reading ► http://theNOVL.com/AndTheTreesCreptIn || A stunning, terrifying novel about a house the color of blood and the two sisters who are trapped there, by The Dead House author Dawn Kurtagich.

First and foremost:


  1. Write. If you love it, then write. Without the fear of THE EXTERNAL. Write fearlessly, and for yourself
  2. Learn. You are never "done". Writing is an art, but also a craft. Take the time to study it
  3. Read. Loads! Reading is the life-blood of any writer. You'll find a well of inspiration, joy and fuel between those pages
  4. Relax. Get out of your own head. Go for walks and take time to live
  5. Imagine. Forget the teachers who told you off for daydreaming in class. You have a legit excuse now!
  6. Faith. Don't quit and don't let put yourself down. Believe with a fire that won't die that you can do it
  7. Dream. Go to bed every night imagining what you want. Your story completed. Your dream agent signing you. A book deal.
  8. Tough. Have thick skin. Rejections and critical opinions will happen. They can only help you
  9. Love. Love what you do and love the people that share it with you! Love every single word. (If you don't: CUT IT)

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