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2014 in Summary

Well, 2014 has been AMAZING. A completely life-changing year, and one example (the good kind) of how your life can change over night. Here is my 2014 in summary:

  • I began to query THE DEAD HOUSE (called MY SICK SOUL then) in the second week of January 2014
  • I was bowled over with requests, and then with offers.
  • I signed with the Greenhouse Literary Agency
  • My book sold in a two book pre-empt on both sides of the Atlantic (still bowled over!)
  • A large part of 2014 involved edits and copyedits (which I love!)
  • I went on three writing retreats with amazing writers (Lia Keyes, The YA League, Greenhouse authors). These were cherished experiences and I hope for more!
  • I began working on the second book in my deal (still am!)
  • I got my first EVER car! It was amazing.
  • I did my first YouTube giveaway and two lovely ladies won  copies of Tinder by Sally Gardner and Through the Woods by Emily Carroll
  • I only managed to read 32 books this year (THE HORROR), but I was pretty busy.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year's Eve, New's Day and 2015!

A video wishing 2014 bon voyage! 

Dawn, out!