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January is done and dusted

January was a month that certainly didn’t go the way I expected, but that turned out to be pretty AWESOME. I ended up spending the better part of the month down London way with my Mum. (The circumstances of the stay weren’t so pleasant, but spending time together WAS!) It ended up being a very refreshing, refueling stay and I left feeling much better than I have in, honestly, months.


Speaking of my Mum—I’m not sure if I ever told you guys that she is the CEO of TWO businesses, has Aspergers, and coaches people on how to thrive in business settings when they too have Aspergers, reaching their full potential. She is a coach, an author, a mentor, a director, has a life-time entry into Who’s Who (her entry is SUPER long, too!) and she is in the top 1% of cleverest women in Mensa… in the WORLD. I. Know. You should definitely think about following her on twitter, because she is absolutely awesome (and pretty funny at that!) @DrRABergemann @AspergerLeaders @GlobaliteGMS


In fact, the level of her awesomeness goes further, because she is also a speaker at this year’s Empowered Women Conference in April! I couldn’t express how proud I feel even if I tried, but this comes close:


I have done pretty well with reading this month—I got through five books (well, four books and one graphic novel). They were:


1.   A re-read of Perfume by Patrick Suskind (I read it last when I was a teen, and it continues to be a 5/5 read for me)

2.   The Winter People by Jennifer MacMahon (4/5)

3.   Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (5/5)

4.   Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn (4/5)

5.   Lazarus One (the graphic novel—2.5/5)


Not too bad.


I’ve not done so well on the audiobook side, simply because of lack of outside time. I’ve been strapped to the house/hotel in January and as a result I didn’t even finish one audiobook!


I’m currently listening to Slade House by David Mitchell, and it is fabulous.



Here’s to a great February! Bring on ze books!