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On Happiness and Taking Time Back

Hi friends!

Something amazing happened recently. I spent a week in Spain, eating wonderful food, spending time with wonderful people, and letting my creativity roam around without a lead. Without distraction, without the internet, and without anxiety. Ever since my new life began, I have lived by once principle: Do what makes me happy. (And be kind to everyone, because everyone is going through something). 

Spain from the air

Spain from the air

And then last week, I saw Elizabeth May's blog post about moving forward and stepping back from social media in order to find her own happiness. Lately, I've been losing my hold on my happiness, for the simple reason that I never seem to have time to do the things that make me happy: Writing, painting, exploring, amateur photography, videos, comedy, reading, hiking, latte days with my friends and hanging out with my husband. No matter what I do, I'm losing time, and I'm not happy.

Writing makes me the happiest

Writing makes me the happiest

Social media is a wonderful thing. I love how it connects readers, authors, and how it allows me to keep in touch with friends oceans away. I will never give up on that sort of community and way of connecting where there is no other alternative. But that only works if you use it as a tool, and in a limited, meaningful;, quality-oriented way.

I  live  here. And I'm CRAZY for not getting out and enjoying it more! How can a computer screen compare? (It can't)

I live here. And I'm CRAZY for not getting out and enjoying it more! How can a computer screen compare? (It can't)

I wasn't doing that. I'm not doing that. I have lost so many hours staring at my computer screen (and NOT writing), instead of going outside, enjoying the beautiful country I live in, painting, crafting and letting my creative muse run wild in the rolling hills. Come thunder, rain, hail or snow.   The last time I truly felt creatively liberated was many years ago.

I want that back.


I hereby quit* social media. Just for a few weeks, so I can get myself back to a place I want to be. So I can appreciate what I have instead of looking at what I don't have. 

I love how Elizabeth tracks her progress, both with reading and writing. I admire her discipline, and seeing her progress has been very motivating. So let's see what a few weeks away from the Internet does for me!

In the upcoming weeks, I have a lot of publishing-related social stuff going on. Stepping back from social media will give me my time back, and I can really enjoy the extra fun stuff. In May, I've organised an epic writing retreat in Scotland, which will be AMAZING, and with all of these things combined, I am feeling happier already.

So, here I go. Keep an eye out for my weekly progress and stats. Thanks for inspiring me, Lizzie! 

Onwards and upwards. 

Love, Dawn



*I will post an image to my instagram as I feel like it (since it takes no time at all) but I won't browse. I will snapchat as the mood takes me. I will post any relevant updates or things that can't wait (publishing news or critical updates) on my social media (there is SO much news to share, but I'm not allowed to at the moment). I will post weekly updates about my progress, and I will post to my youtube as and when, since video-making makes me happy. Other than that: I am internet free, baby! <3 <3 <3