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Finding Happiness, Week 2.5 (And April Wrap-Up!)

Howdy my beautiful happy bananas!

This is coming to you a little late, partly because of EXCITING THINGS, and partly because I've been sticking to the internet break (for the most part).

Before I get into it, did you know you can sign up to request an ARC of AND THE TREES CREPT IN? You can!

Week 2 was a little less productive in terms of pure writing, but that was because of fun things! I was invited to a brilliant Hachette blogger evening, which was so much fun, and which involved travel for me (which involved recovery for me). Also, I did slip off the no-internet bandwagon a little (owing to the need to coordinate 13 fabulous authors for my Scotland writing retreat—which is in LESS THAN A WEEK!). I'm working to reduce internet time this week and set goals for my week away. 

I also finished planning and booking everything for my trip to Orlando, Florida for ALA (WOOHOO COME SAY HELLO!), and I continued on my journey to live a simplistic, more freeing lifestyle (i.e throwing away all the junk I don't need and donating as much as I can).

I've also been experimenting with vegetarianism and veganism, which has been very exciting. I discovered the most amazing recipe for vegan pancakes I have EVER SEEN. Once I try them, I'll take some pics and post the recipe. *licks fingers* yum yum!

Another cool thing for me—I've been spending more time outdoors, both with this lovely lady, and by myself (or with my cat, who loves going for daily walks! YAY CAT-DOG!).

I have upped my reading time as well. Critiquing three manuscripts as well as reading a friends amazing new novel (early teehee), plus reading for research on my NEW BOOK (let's call it... P.S I love you). Reading for P.S I love you has been immensely fun and horrifying. I can't wait to share. And then one little book for fun: 

Also, I've been thinking of doing a youtube series documenting the process of writing this book, so you guys can see the beautiful ups and downs of the process. What so you think? Yay? Nay? May-bay? 

That's it for now, but I'll chat to you soon! Remember to sign up for my newsletter if you haven't done so already (sign up box is on the home page).