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The Creeper Man is Here. How Do I Feel?

Hello happy bananas! 

Well, The Creeper Man is here. A big, huge, amazing THANK YOU to all of you that entered the pre-order giveaway! I will be getting in touch with every single one of you in the next weeks to let you know what is going to happen next, what you'll be getting and WHO the lucky three winners are!! 

I am beyond excited for that! 

In other news: my second book is out. In the world. Right now. You can buy it. You can hold it. You can read it and hug it and do whatever you like to it. 

It's yours now.

I let go of this little book with a little bit of sadness and a little bit of thanks. And, as is fitting, here is my open letter to The Creeper Man:


Dear Little Book.

You know, you were a little ass sometimes. You fought me. You cried at me, and I cried right back. You tested my faith in myself, you little dick. You pushed me past the limits I had, and you showed me that I am much more elastic than I gave myself credit for. So... thank you. No, I mean it. Thank you. I really do love you, and I'm letting you go into the world, fully grown, and... I'm proud of you. Really. I am.

Now go out there and kick some ass. You belong to them now.

Love, your ever neurotic mother.


This little book is tours now. Please buy it, read it, and review it to help a mother author suffering with empty nest syndrome.


Dawn, out.